Shallow water and debris can create safety hazards for boaters and swimmers and cause costly damage to your watercraft. Dredging can eliminate these concerns. Our dredging barge will remove sand and debris from your waterfront property making it safe for your family, friends and waterfront toys.

KT Waterfront differs from other companies that utilize suction pumps, hoses and bladder bags. We utilize our dredging barge equipped with an excavator to transport our dredging equipment to and from your home. This allows us to dredge your property, remove the spoils and debris and transport it to our private facilities where we offload and dispose of it without equipment causing damage to your lawn, landscaping or sprinkler system.

Our Dredging Services

Shallow water and debris can create safety hazards. Dredging & Debris Removal will eliminate these concerns.

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    We specialize in our one-of-a-kind dredging operation which is unique to Lake LBJ and the rivers that feed into it from the Highland Lakes area, Horseshoe Bay, Buchanan Dam, Kingsland, Marble Falls & more.

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    When you need the best marine excavation work on Lake LBJ, KT Waterfront has a variety of services to fit your needs.

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    Whether you are completely removing an old dock, removing and replacing a concrete sidewalk or patio or clearing an area for a new structure, KT Waterfront will complete the task from the water and remove all spoils and debris eliminating possible damage to your lawn and landscaping.

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    Flood Debris Removal

    The safety of our friends and family is our utmost concern. KT Waterfront and KT Divers can scan and remove any remaining flood debris ensuring a safe environment for your loved ones.

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    Rip Rap Installation

    Protect your investment in your bulkhead by ensuring the base of your wall is covered with rip rap to minimize damage caused by wave action.